Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yes You Can be Brand Specific and Save Money

A common misconception with coupon is that us couponers are not brand specific. That we buy whatever is on sale. Yes sometimes on certain items I have to admit that is the case, but there are so items that we are brand specific on. I'm going to highlight some of those items and how to save while still sticking to your favorite brand.

1. Laundry Detergent- There are so many great deals for laundry detergent, but I have to admit I'm loyal to Tide. My family has used it for as long as I can remember so although Purex and All have amazing deals and coupons I'm not going to take advantage of those deals.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner- The boys in our house will use whatever, so we score some great deals by buying their shampoo, but as for the three girls in our house we have decided we like Patene the best.

3. Tampons and Pads- My sister and I are picky when it comes to feminine care. We have tried a variety of brands, but by far our favorite is U by Kotex for tampons and Always Infinity for Pads.

4. Toilet Paper- Over the years my family has always used Charmin.

How to Save

1. Pay Attention to Sales- Everything has a sale cycle and will go on sale about every six weeks. If you buy toilet paper in bulk like we do you shouldn't need toilet paper or any of these products every six weeks.
2. Look for Coupons- Of course that is what this post is about. Look for coupons on your favorite brand. I love Special K anything so I'm always looking for coupons on their products
3. Watch out for Giftcard Promotions at Target- Many of the items I mentioned above will eventually be on a giftcard promotion at Target. Patene is usually for buying four, U by Kotex for buying 3, Tide for buying 2, and Charmin for buying 2. The great part is that you can pair these deals with coupons to bring your final cost down.
4. Rebate Apps- I just talked about rebate apps and Ibotta has any brand rebates that are great for saving on your favorite product whether that is a jar of peanut butter or a bunch of bananas.

Sorry I didn't mention food. We are always trying new foods thanks to the endless coupon cycle so I couldn't think of any food that we will not buy other brands, but we do have our favorites. Dole, Special K, Skippy, etc. There are always ways to save on the brands you love.

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