Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week One at Home 5-11-5-17

I have now been on summer break for one week. Unfortunately this was my only week of freedom before my summer class begins, but hey it is online and I'm going to try to make it as least stressful as possible.

This week I have been spending a lot of time relaxing, but I'm also working on getting my running routine in place for the summer. I got in three runs this week and none of them were easy. I'm getting used to running on gravel and hills. These are both different for me since my college town is mostly flat and all the roads are asphalt. I have always been frustrated how gravel pushes you back every step you run. It makes for a harder, more difficult run. In my college town I can get away from campus and I have no choice, but to run back once I get farther away. I live in a circle, which means that I have to run past my house and I'm always tempted to quite when I see my house. I'm stronger than I think and I need to keep working on running farther as I want to run longer races in the near future. This week's runs have been pretty hard, but I will adjust.

Monday- Today's run was freezing. I was hoping for a longer run, but the wind was hitting my face and making my eyes water. It was misting also making it hard to see because of my glasses. I ran 1.28 miles in 13:06. This is a 10:13 pace, which for me is pretty fast. I think I wanted to get out of the cold.

Otherwise on Monday I went shopping and went to my neighbor's house to see her daycare kids.

Tuesday- Rest Day

I ran into town on Tuesday to check for seed potatoes. Every place we have checked has been out. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up lettuce and bananas. I even ran into somebody I know from college. I spent the afternoon at my neighbor's house again.

Wednesday- I set out for three miles on Wednesday and I have to say I was close. There is a straight road behind my neighborhood that has a lot of hills. I don't prefer to run on this road, but often choose it for longer runs since I don't run by my house. I ran against the wind until my turn around point. I turned around earlier then I planned because I couldn't stand the wind. Then I ran back taking the long way home. I ran 2.76 miles in 30:41, which is 11:07 pace. I ran my first mile in 10:20 against the wind so that I'm pretty proud of.

After I came home I did a stretching routine, planks, and squats. The rest of the day was spent working on laundry. My neighbor's grandson was waiting for me outside when I came over. He is two and it is great to see him be so excited. I have tried to be apart of his life as much as possible even while I'm away at college.

Thursday- Rest Day. I woke up this morning with very sore thighs. This soreness tells me that my work outs are working.

I spent the day at my neighbor's house. We were hoping to get to play skipbo, but only got in a few games.

Friday- My run today was great, but it was very tiring and I don't know why. If I'm able to run a 5K without walking why shouldn't I be able to run 2 miles without walking? Look at the factors above for the answer. I ran 1.96 miles in 20:43, which is a 10:32 pace. I ran my first mile in 10:04. I did another stretching routine when I came home. My planks today were hard, but I completed them. I did 30 squats which I will feel later.

Saturday- Today was a day of shopping and hanging out with my mom. We stopped at Bath and Body works first. We had 2 get a travel item free coupon so I got a lotion and a body wash for free. Then we bought 2 soaps at 5 dollars each and got a full size body wash for free. We had a $10 giftcard from Christmas, so we ended up paying only 60 cents.

Then we headed to Yankee Candle. We only bought a couple things for around 8 dollars with a 30% off coupon.

After that we were done with the mall and headed to Target. Target had some great giftcard deals this week, which we took advantage of using coupons. My favorite had to be the U by Kotex Deal. Buy 3 marked U by Kotex Product receive a $5 giftcard. They are each marked at 6.99 for the Black boxes. 6.99 X 3= 20.97. Then we used (3) $1 off 1 Manufacturer Coupons, $2 off a $10 purchase Target Coupon, 5% cartwheel which took a $1.05 off, and Received a $5 giftcard. All together we paid 9.92 for all three boxes, which is 3.30 per box. They also had great deals on Patene and many more. We had a lot of great savings this week.

Then we headed to Costco, Fareway, and Hy-Vee. Then we headed home. I'm working hard on my class for school. I'm already almost completed with chapter 2.

If you made it this far in the post thanks for reading.

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