Monday, December 25, 2017

Out with the Old and In with the New:May 2017

Hosted by Michelle & Berls @ Because Reading
December is literally my favorite time of year because I love seeing all the progress that I have made over the year. 2017 was a big year in my life and I'm excited to share my year with you. Out with the Old and In with the New will take the place of My Year in Books since I will wrap up what I read during each month of 2017, see if I met last year's goal and make a new goal for the year. 

Out With The Old: May 2017

Books Read: 2
Favorite Book Read: Just One Day by Gayle Forman
Favorite Post: COYER Summer Reading List

May was a slower month for reading, but I enjoyed both of the books that I read. I signed up for COYER in May and I loved this challenge over the entire summer. 

Goal #5 My goal was to complete the Monthly Keyword Challenge. I was able to finish 10 months this year, so I did a great job, but I still didn't finish the challenge. I will try again in 2018

In With The New: Goal #4

My goal this year is going to be to continue working on the Deal Me In/ Fill in the Gaps personal challenge. I only read 11 books for the challenge this year, so I'm starting the year 4 books behind. I'm hoping to read around 15 books for the challenge over this next year. I will have a post about this coming up in the new year. 

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