Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Library Challenge Read-a-thon Wrap Up

I read a total of 531 pages in 16 hours and 55 minutes in 7 days. It was a wonderful week of reading. My library pile went down by one book.

Books Finished: 
I finished City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. My book review will be up Friday, but I recommend just reading it now. I enjoyed it so much. 

Books Started:
I started Little House in the Ozarks which is a collection of News Paper articles Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote though I have suspision that Rose probably edited/wrote a few of these. The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Easton is my April random read and I'm just finally reading it. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm getting quite attached to Meg as a character. 

Overall a wonderful week of reading. Thanks to The Book Monsters for hosting this read-a-thon. I will have my weekly update post up on Wednesday when I pick up the library books I have on hold. 


  1. Great job sticking with the readathon!

    1. It was a great read-a-thon. Thanks for stopping by.


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