Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Library Books Read-A-Thon Day 3 Requesting Books

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Welcome to Day 3 of The Library Books Read-A-Thon. I hope you are cracking open those books and getting a lot of reading done.

I have lots of posts planned for this week to highlight the reasons I love my library. I first one that I'm going to talk about today and I'm sure you library offers too is requesting books from different branches.

My library on its own is a small library with a limited selection, but my library is not alone. My library system is made up of 13 locations. Of course they all have a different selection of books so if I can't find the book I'm looking for on my libraries shelve I just get online and request to have the book sent to my library. Then when the books are in I get a phone call from the library system which can't say Rachael and I go pick up the book.

Of course this is all for free. I usually request way too many books and end up with a big stack of books at home.

Update your progress below. If you are using a different post for each day link up below. If you are using the same post for the whole week you should already be on the list. I'm going to use the same linky list for the entire week. Come back tomorrow as I talk about Inter Library Loans.


  1. Since I'm creating a new post every day -- enjoying responding to the topics that Rachel is presenting -- I added another link to the linky tool.

    1. That is what I want if you do daily updates.


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