Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: TBR Lists

Thursday Thoughts is Hosted by Okay Let's Read. It is a weekly meme to discuss our thoughts on bookish topics. I don't usually participate, but I was interested in today's topic.

This week we are talking about Monthly TBR Lists - Do you make a small TBR list every month (or week)? If so, how strict are you on following your TBR? If not, why not/have you tried it before? Do you feel like making a regular TBR each month (or other increment of time) helps or hurts your reading habits? [TBR = To Be Read]

TBR Lists
I originally did a post about this topic in March last year after an epic TBR fail. I only read 2/6 books from my TBR list. I called it Not Sticking to My TBR Pile and discussed my thoughts. 

Here's my March 2013 TBR. The only two books I read from it were The Host by Stephanie Meyer and Cinder by Marissa Meyer. 

I rolled over the books that I hadn't read over to the next month. I read 4/6 books off my April 2013 TBR. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer sat on my TBR List from March 2013- June 2013. I loved it when I was in the mood to read it. Under the Never Sky is a book I have heard rave reviews about, but I didn't understand the story about 100 pages in so I quit. I also had did not enjoy Splintered. 

My last TBR for 2013 was in May. I finished almost all of the books besides Scarlet. Then I announced at the end of May that there would no June TBR. I wanted to have a relaxing month and pick out what I wanted to read. It worked I read 8 books, but then it went downhill. I used to have such good school reading habits, but college is a lot different from high school. I don't read books in class like I used to. I don't use time management as well as I did in high school because I have so much more access to my electronics. The first half of the year while I was in high school and the first month of summer I read 47 books. Then I slowed down drastically when I took 3 summer classes (math, speech, and leadership) in 4 weeks! Read My Recap Here. I only read about one or two books a month for the rest of 2013. I read 19 books in the second six months of 2013. I still read a total of 66 books in 2013 which I am proud of. 

When January came I knew I wanted to make some changes. I wanted to create better reading habits at college and so far they have worked great. I cut out technology a bit in favor of more reading time and have been averaging about 5 books a month since then. I set my TBR list with about 5 books, but I don't worry if I deviate from it. If I don't read a book I role it over to the next month so far I have been enjoying the books I have read this year and completing my TBR list. They have been a source of motivation for me this year rather than a list the I have to stick to (chore). I let myself deviate and read what books I want to read that way. In the other way I'm proud when I do complete my TBR list. They are fun once more. 

Here is my June 2014 TBR. Currently I'm reading The One and Only by Emily Giffin and enjoying it then I'm most likely going to start The Rules for Disapearing by Ashley Easton. The Frog Princess, Tender Morsels, and Clockwork Angel are all rollovers from May's TBR that I hope to get to. 

In conclusion I like making monthly TBR. I think they give me a guide for books that I may read for the month. I have most of them checked out from the library when I make the TBR so I have a good idea that I'm going to read them soon. 


  1. "Clockwork Angel" is on my summer reading list. I love Cassandra Clare. Also, I just checked out your disclosure policy, and it is just what I'm looking for. Thank you so much for posting the website url! :)

    1. I'm hoping to read the entire series this year.

  2. It's true that borrowing books from the library kind of create a TBR list since you need to read them within a few weeks and bring them back.
    I can't stick to long TBR list, but I can with short TBR lists (the 4 or 5 next books). Mostly because I get many books from the library too and I have to get organized to read them in time.

    1. 4 to 5 books seems to be my max also. I usually read them in the date they need to be returned by.


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