Sunday, June 15, 2014

Library Books Read-A-Thon Day 7: Suggest a Purchase

Welcome to Day 7 of the Library Books Read-A-Thon. Tomorrow is our last day. Just let me tell you I have had such a fun week and have made so much progress in my library book stack. Tomorrow will be a full day of reading, but I will wrap up my progress for the most part in the morning. The Read-A-Thon lasts until Midnight on the 16th. 

Today I'm going to talk about Purchase Suggestions. When the book is a New Release and I don't see it in my library catalog, but it is too new to Inter-Library Loan, I'm allowed to put in a purchase suggestion. 

For my library it is just a simple form and whatever book I was looking for will show up on my account if they decide to buy the book and for the most part they do buy the books I'm looking for. If not I wait and Inter-Library Loan the book. 

Short post today so you can get more reading done. Link Your Progress Below. If you are using one post for the week you are already on the list. If you use daily posts link up below. 


  1. I actually did exactly that for one of the books I read this week. It was Blue Sea Burning. We have a form online at our website that makes it easy to do. Then they put it on hold and alert you when it comes in. :) Such a great service!

  2. I've used the purchase suggestion form at my library a lot. They have only bought a few of the books I suggested though :(

    1. Too bad, but you must want some of the lesser known titles that they can't afford.


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