Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Black Friday Score

I'll be the first to admit I haven't always been a fan of Black Friday as a little kid Black Friday was a day for insane people, who would camp out at the stores at midnight waiting for them to open at 4 am. People had to fight insane crowds to get amazing deals. I just didn't see the point. Now days I can't say I'm always happy with the Black Friday madness that requires you to leave your family on Thanksgiving Day to go shopping and have people spend Thanksgiving Day away from their family to work. That is the world we live in. With the internet we do 80% of our Black Friday shopping online. We do not shop on Thanksgiving. We go shopping around 11:00 am on Black Friday. We are pretty laid back as far as Black Friday shoppers go. It still is possible to get great deals.

Our Online shopping destinations were The Body Shop, Disney Store, and American Eagle. Yes we do shop on Thanksgiving day when it comes to online shopping because they seem to sell out more and employees do not have to work for us to order online.

Our first stop of the day was Barnes and Noble. This place wasn't really any crazier than usual. Barnes and Nobles only deal which is valid through tomorrow November 30th is 30% off a single item. We got Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by An Jacobus. My sister and I were both drawn to this book and we wanted to get the most expensive book in store since we get the 30% discount. One book for $12.68 is pretty good.

Our next stop was the mall. We started with Pink by Victoria Secret. Their main deal here was they were offering a bag for free with $75 purchase. The bag ended up having 4 samples of lotion, body wash, etc. It wasn't that great, but my sister and I both got a half zip pullover that I love since the sleeves are super long and that is hard to find as a tall person. These were both normal price $60 on sale for $30. We got 2 of their lotion, spray, lipgloss gift sets which were 2/25 to make up the 75 we need for the order. 

Bath and Body Works does a similar bag deal to Victoria Secret except they tell you what is included in the bag. This year they featured the Be Joyful scent which I love. It had Be Joyful lotion, body wash, and body mist. It also had a three wick apple cinnamon candle. The bag is $25 when you purchase $35. $103 regular price. The entire store was buy 3 get 3 free. Our game plan was to get 7 items since we had a coupon for 1 free signature collection item with any purchase. We also had a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon. We got to use both coupons to save the most money. I really wish I took a picture of all our items together. We ended up getting two body scrubs, 3 body washes, and 2 lotions plus the bag. Yes still a spendy order, but we saved a lot of money. I had 2 of $10 off $30 coupons so I gave it to the people in front of us in line since they didn't have any coupons. I have several of those coupons that expire around Christmas.

Our last stop was Younkers for half price K-Cups. We are brand new Kerurig owners. Fun fact is that the Kerurig was actually at its lowest price of the season at Kohls about 2 weeks before Black Friday. We weren't allowed to use any coupons, which is disappointed, but still ended up getting 8 box of K-Cups for around $82. 

We ended up saving $368 and spending around $300. 

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