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Book Review: 204 Rosewood Lane (Cedar Cove #2) by Debbie Macomber (no spoilers)

Book: 204 Rosewood Lane
Author: Debbie Macomber
Series: Cedar Cove #2
Publication: January 1st 2002
Source: Digital Library
Rating: 5/5 stars

Summary (From Goodreads):
Grace Sherman
 204 Rosewood Lane 
Cedar Cove, Washington 

 Dear Listener,
 If you've been to Cedar Cove before we've probably met. You can usually find me either at home or at the public library, where I work. I've lived in this town all my life and raised two daughters here. But my husband and I - well, about six months ago, he disappeared. Just…disappeared. Where's Dan? Why did he go? Who's he with? Will I ever find out?

 My hometown, my family and friends, bring me comfort during this difficult time. Comfort and a sense of shelter. I'm continually reminded that life can and does go on. For instance, everyone's been discussing weddings and babies lately. Justine - the only daughter of my best friend, Olivia Lockhart - impulsively got married a little while ago. My own daughter Kelly recently had a baby. Unfortunately, she refuses to accept that Dan might not return to see his first grandchild. My older daughter, Maryellen, is more realistic. I think she's seeing a new man, but for some reason she won't tell me who it is.

Then there's Jack, who's been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and his son, Eric, and Eric's girlfriend, Shelly (I think she's pregnant), and Zach and Rosemary Cox, whose marriage is reputedly on the skids and…Well, just come on over and we'll talk!


Review coloring thanks to feed me books now. I will eventually switch all my reviews to this format it looks really nice.

My Thoughts:

When I was listening to the first book I had problems just listening so I both listened and read. This time the reading book is tied up at the digital library so I have just been listening. Since I already have a clear picture of the characters in my head I have been enjoying it. I'm glad to get caught up with the characters. I just don't do anything that requires too much concentration so I can concentrate on the book. I spent a lot of time scanning pictures for my life picture slideshow while I listened to this book. I loved this book. I think I liked it even better than the first because I already knew the characters and I just got to stay caught up with their lives. All the characters grew and changed a lot during this novel. Their were a lot of great surprises and plot twists. This was the book of pregnancy as many of the woman were pregnant. I'm not saying which ones you will have to read the books for that. The biggest question in Grace's mind and everybody's mind is Where is Dan? You will have to read the book to see if they find him. The only thing I disliked about 204 Rosewood Lane is the way they introduced Zach Cox. I didn't read the summary beforehand so when I was listening to the book and they just started talking about Zach Cox I was like who is? I think there could have been a bit more explanation of who Zach Cox is and how he is related to the already introduced characters of Cedar Cove. Otherwise I thought Zach and his family were a great addition to the Cedar Cove series. What I really like about these books is they are a very relaxing reading. There is nothing too complicated about them so I can just settle in and fall in love with the characters. Although I like books with lots of action and excitement sometimes a relaxing read is a nice change of pace. That is what the Cedar Cove series is for me at this point. I have fell in love with every character and I can't wait to read the next book 311 Pelican Court.

Kind of a short review because I didn't want to spoil anything for anybody, but if you have already read the book about would like a quick review of what happened to the characters in this novel go check out my character follow along post.

Thanks for Reading


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