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50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber (Cedar Cove #5) Character Follow Along (Spoilers Included)

Roy and Corrie McAfee are the people that live at 50 Harbor Street. Towards the end of the last book they had been receiving threatening and alarming postcards. As much as Roy McAfee tried to hide them from his wife Corrie she found out and couldn't help, but worry. The main focus in 50 Harbor Street was to find out who had been sending them the strange postcards. It was while sitting at a movie with Grace and Cliff that Corrie reveals that she had a baby while in college that she didn't tell Roy about, but instead with her family's support gave up for adoption. She returned to college the next fall and reunited with Roy. It wasn't until after Roy asked her to marry him that she told him about their baby. They vowed never to speak about the baby again. After this postcard mystery both Roy and Corrie begun to have their suspicions. What if their baby that she had never seen was sending them the postcards? Both Roy and Corrie begun to do a bit of snooping to see what they could find out about their baby. They both found out that Corrie had a girl. Roy through adoption records and Corrie through her mother's diary. Roy was able to find that she was raised in California, but after that it hit a dead end. It was through a florist that Roy found out their daughters identity. Roy and Corrie embarked on the difficult act of telling their other children, Linnette and Mack. They both were thrilled at the news. That is when Linnette's neighbor Gloria, a local sheriff shows up at her door to go shopping. Roy answers the door and says that he is Linnette's father and her father also. This part was so shocking. Then Gloria tells the story of how she found Corrie and Roy and why she sent the postcards. She was angry at Roy for never signing her birth certificate. She found them after she lost her parents and all other living relatives. It was a happy new beginning for Corrie and Roy.

Linnette also had a storyline in this novel. She is a doctor at the Cedar Cove medical center. She really likes this doctor at the hospital named Chad. Her mom bought her a date with Cal Washburn at the dog and bachelor auction. She agreed to one date and had a good time. Cal has a stutter, but is a good man. She even goes a second date with Cal before making him angry by telling him about Chad. The problem is that Linnette realizes she has feelings for Cal and she has to get him back. Linnette runs into Cal at the hospital where he needs stitches on his hand. She makes a home visit to Cliff's farm to remove them. That is where their flame reunites. Grace spots her having dinner at The Lighthouse with Cal. Linnette also moves into an apartment this novel where she becomes friends with her neighbor Gloria only to discover later in the novel that she is actually her older sister.

Grace Sherman had her share of difficulties this book with Cliff Harding. She showed up at his farm for a date only to find out he had forgotten they were going out and had a sick horse. The night Grace was planning on proposing to Cliff he didn't show up. Grace broke it off with Cliff, but Cliff wasn't going away that easy. Grace ran into Cliff one day and he invited Grace, Mary Ellen, Jon, and Katie over for Thanksgiving at his house. Grace had a great time, but it wasn't too long before she confronted Cliff about how besides on Holidays he ignored her when she showed up at the ranch. Cliff begged Grace to marry him and he suggested that they elope. Olivia was a bit mad about them going away to get married, but she decided it was probably for the best. Grace was finally happy. Although there was some conflict about her beloved home on 204 Rosewood Lane. They decided to rent it out.

Mary Ellen Bowman miscarried her pregnancy in the last novel and she still was grieving that loss at the beginning of this novel. Meanwhile Jon Bowman is still estranged with his parents after they sent him to jail for 7 years. Mary Ellen sends his parents occasional updates about Katie and herself. Jon sticks to his stance that they had betrayed him and he wanted to keep them out of his life. Mary Ellen receives a letter that Jon's father had suffered a stroke and at Christmas Jon receives a fishing pole from his father. Mary Ellen announces she is pregnant at Thanksgiving. Everybody is over joyed, but worried that she will miscarry again. Mary Ellen has some complications with the pregnancy that almost led to preterm labor and put her on bed rest. Kelly (Mary Ellen's sister) is also pregnant and experiencing severe morning sickness which means that she can't watch Katie. Jon is busying trying to keep the family afloat and it seems there a limited options. As much as Mary Ellen hates bed rest there is one sunny side to her condition, Jon is willing to call his parents to ask for help.

Rachel Pendergast appears in this novel again and her relationship with Nate is still going strong. She even manages to learn how to use a computer so she can message him while he is at sea with the Navy. After discovering that his father is a politician Rachel breaks it off. When Nate returns he isn't willing to let Rachel go. He makes her talk until she forgives him and they kiss like no time had been lost.

Cecilia Randall finds out she is pregnant again just before her husband Ian Randall is due to go to sea. He is due to miss the birth of their baby and Cecilia is sad at that fact. She keeps a positive attitude that this pregnancy will be healthy. Ian worries that the same thing that happened to Alison will happen to this baby. Cecilia learns the news that Ian is due home. She is only days away from her due date. She goes into labor that night with her friend Cathy by her side. It is there that she delivers Aaron, a healthy baby boy. Ian originally didn't want another A name because of what happened to Alison, but he loved his son. Ian and Cecilia are so happy to finally be parents.

Alison continues to work with Cecilia at her father's office. Alison has a new bad boy boyfriend named Anson wo Cecilia doesn't like at all. Although Alison is young she believes she is in love. Anson sneaks into Alison's window one night to tell her that he started a fire in the park. Anson is able to plea bargain of community service and a hefty restitution. Zachary Cox makes a deal with Anson that he can't see Alison until after his debt is paid. Anson follows that rule until after he gets laid off by Seth Gunderson at the Lighthouse where he was believed to have stole money. Anson says goodbye to Alison and goes missing. Alison is willing to do whatever it takes to find Anson.

Olivia Lockhart Griffin is frustrated with her husband Jack Griffin for working so many hours and the poor way he manages his diet. Olivia is begging Jack to cut back on his hours with the Cedar Cove Chronicle, but Jack loves his job and he loves the pace and how hectic his job is. Olivia buys Jack a treadmill for Christmas and it isn't until January that she finally talks Jack into taking a walk on it. Jack hasn't even walked two miles when he feels woozy and out of breathe. He stops the treadmill and sits down holding his heart. Olivia comes back to find him in this condition. She immediately calls 911 and her friend Grace. The ambulance arrives and takes away Jack while Grace comes to take Olivia. Olivia is told at the hospital that Jack had a heart attack and would have died if not for the Cedar Cove Medical Center. Jack has a pacemaker inserted and hates being watched all the time by Olivia. Olivia is worried about her husband. When Jack does return to work Olivia makes sure it is less hours and is keeping a better track of his diet.

David Rhodes, Ben's son asks to go out to dinner with Ben and Charlotte (Olivia's mother). Charlotte believes it is for an honest purpose of getting to know her since he wasn't able to attend their wedding, but Bed knows the real reason. After a lovely dinner David asks for 5000 dollars and after Ben says no he storms out of the restaurant leaving them to foot the bill. David later asks Charlotte for the same amount of money over lunch at the Lighthouse. Justine rips the check out of his hand. Charlotte believed he should have the money because he said he needed surgery, but David was lying. In one last attempt David asks Olivia to get him off the hook for his traffic ticket he got speeding away from the Lighthouse.

Justine and Seth had a very small part of this novel, but the most shocking news came at the end. The Lighthouse has burned to the ground and Anson is expected to be the one to start the fire. We won't find out who did it until the next novel 6 Rainier Drive. I have grown to really like Justine as a character so I'm excited she will be the main part of the next novel.

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