Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Gayle Forman Read-Along Sisters In Sanity Week 1 Answers (Spoilers Included)

I started and finished the first 7 chapters of Sisters in Sanity by Gayle Forman. I believe the book has a decent started, but rather slow. Nothing too exciting has really happened yet. 

1. What is your first impression of Brit? Do you like her as a character? And do you think she really has ODD, or is she just a teenager?

Brit is a typically rebellious teenager. She stays out late and she hangs out with her friends. Does that make her ODD? I don't think so. More so I think the reason Brit is in the treatment facility is because her Stepmother is either jealous of her relationship with her dad or her Stepmother just doesn't like her. Overall I don't think we really got to know Brit too well in these first characters. I think the author is more focused on showing us how messed up the treatment facility is. 

2. What is your first impression of the other girls? (V, Bebe, Martha, Cassie) Do you like them? Do you think they can be trusted? Who is your favorite?

At first I didn't really like any of them. They all seemed pretty judgemental. As I read into the next chapter where V had to confront Brit at Control Therapy I could see that all the words said in that room were going to be secret and these girls were not going to call each other out. What is a friendship without trust. 

3. We get a first glimpse of how things are handled at the Red Rock. How do you feel about this so far? Do you think the way things are handled is okay?

Red Rock is seriously messed up. They have some rather unorthodox methods. I think their methods are going to leave the girls scared more than helped. Obviously the parents didn't do their research very well. 

4. What do you think about the story of Brit's parents? Do you think this has anything to do with the way Brit acts now?

I kind of said that in the first question that I think there is problems with her Stepmother. 

5. What is your first impression of Sisters In Sanity after the first 7 chapters? Are you enjoying it? Is this your first Gayle Forman book?

This is my first Gayle Forman book and so far I think the book is pretty slow paced and I'm hoping for something exciting to happen soon. There are some funny quotes in here such as call her Stepmother, Stepmonster.Otherwise it has just been okay so far. 

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