Friday, July 12, 2013

Gayle Forman Read Along Sisters in Sanity Week 3 Answers (spoilers included)

1. Let's talk about the most important thing here: Brit + Jed. How do you feel about them finally getting together? Do you think there's a future for them if Brit gets out of the Red Rock?

That was very exciting. I didn't want their night to end. They had an awesome show and Jed was so sweet. They would make a cute couple.

2. When Brit gets caught, V takes the blame. Why do you think she'd do that? Do you think there's more to V than we've seen so far? And why would Brit be furious? Do you think this is a normal reaction?

I think V did a very brave thing for Brit. It cost V so much, demoting herself all the way down to level one. The sad part is that Brit doesn't appreciate her sacrifice.

3. "Maybe I was going to end up crazy too. Not the carving-my-skin, barfing-up-my-lunch, ditching-class- types that passed for crazy at Red Rock. But voices-in-my-head crazy. Crazy like my mother." Brit is afraid she'll end up like her mother. Why does she think this? Do you think she should feel this way? Would you feel this way?

With any history of disease there is a chance of it being past on. There is no point in worrying about it because it doesn't solve anything. Clayton is making Brit think about it and worry about it because it is just another way Red Rock can break her down.

4. Brit's dad comes to visit, and Brit is angry at him for sending her to the Red Rock. Why did he send her there? Do you think he even knows himself? And do you think he's right?

I don't like her dad. I just want to make that clear. He thinks he did the right thing sending her to Red Rock, but he didn't. He can't see how horrible this place actually is. I think Brit has a right to be mad at him. I also this he is lying about Stepmonster not wanting to send her to Red Rock.

5. And then, finally, we learn that Martha is in the hospital. For Brit, this is the final drop. She's ready to kick some Red Rock butt. How do you feel about Martha? And what do you think Brit and the Sisters are going to do? Do you think they'll succeed?

Yes, I'm ready for some action. I'm sad about Martha and I think the way Red Rock is handling it is horrible. I hope they will succeed in shutting down Red Rock. Sister that fight together win together. 

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