Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Wrap Up and August TBR

July Wrap Up
Wow did July fly by. The best way to see what I was up to in July is to read my I'm back from college post. I had a busy month which means that reading got pushed on to the back burned. I actually only finished 3 books in July. This is very sad to me, but I know my reading pace will pick back up. I just didn't have time in July. Of the three books I read I really enjoyed both of them so in my mind it was well worth it. 

1. Fly Away by Kristin Hannah took me most of the month to read. It is a large book and I was only reading around 10 pages per day. Once I finished Fly Away I wanted to pick it up in read it all over again. It was that good. My review will be up soon. 

2. 5-B Poppy Lane was the short book I needed to get back in the reading spirit. This was around a 100 pages and only took me a couple days to read. This book is 5.5 in the Cedar Cove Series. Although I had some issues with this being part of the Cedar Cove Series I still thought it was a wonderful Debbie Macomber book.  My review will be up soon. 

The Cedar Cove TV show comes on Saturdays on Hallmark at 7 central time, 8 eastern time. It has been on for two weeks so far and I think they are doing an amazing job and not straying too far from the books.

3. I finished Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen on the last day of July. I admit that I went into this book expected to wholeheartedly love it, but it was a bit slow. The ending was amazing and I ended up really enjoying this Robin Hood retelling. My review for Scarlet will be up in September during Classics Retold. For now just know I totally recommend this book.

August TBR
I have a lot of reading I want to get done before I got back to university so I made a specific post called 3 week until I go back to college reading list. That list will give you a good idea of what I will be reading in August. Book reviews will be lacking in August as they were this month as I plan to read a lot for Classics retold in September. I want to do a few posts about getting ready for college. 

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