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Gayle Forman Read Along Sisters in Sanity Week 2 Answers (spoilers included)

Spoilers ahead. Answers to Week 2 Questions

1. "I can't think too much about how I got here, because when I do I feel like I've been betrayed by you, and that makes me feel worse than everything else that's happened." (p. 85) Brit says that she feels betrayed by her father. In which way would she feel betrayed by him? Do you think she should feel this way?

Who wouldn't feel betrayed when you are shipped off to Red Rock to get "fixed". When in fact all Red Rock is a toture chamber that screws people up worse than they already were. Of course Brit feels betrayed because her loving caring father dropped her off at Red Rock without saying a word to her about it in the first place.

2. "Sooner or later, you're going to have to talk about your mother, about the ways in which her nature mirrors your own."(p. 117) When Clayton says this to Brit, Brit has a major freakout. Do you think Clayton was right to say this to Brit? Do you think she takes Brit's mom's illness seriously? Should she?

I'm excited to learn more about Brit's mom. I think the rule about therapy is only to talk about situations if you are comfortable. That is not the case at Red Rock when all they care about is getting you through the six levels as slow as possible so they can make money. I think Brit's freakout was justified because she knows that the people don't care.

3. "Crazy concept. Trusting your child." (p. 126) Brit says this to V when they talk about how their parents trust the Red Rock instead of their own children. Do you think the parents of Red Rock girls are wrong not to trust them? Do you think it's understandable that they trust these so-called professionals instead of their own child? Do you think all of the girls need to be locked away in a special "school"? 

It is called false advertising. Red Rock paints a pretty picture for the parents and the parents fall for it in the hopes that their child will be "cured". Most of these girls seem pretty normal with a few issues. There doesn't seem to be too many justifiable reasons they are at red rock. 

4. At the end of chapter 14, there's a bit of a cliffhanger. Brit and the Sisters are trying to sneak her out to see Jed. Do you think this will work out? And do you think that Jed will actually want to see her?

I really hope it works out, but I'm hoping there is some drama to go along with her sneak out. I didn't even realize the letter was from Jed until Brit said something. I think they have a really good code. 

5. Talking about Jed and Brit: do you think there is a future for them? From what we've seen from Jed, he keeps reminding Brit of Fireflies, but would they work as a real couple, or does Brit just have an innocent crush?

I don't know if I can be an accurate judge of their relationship since we know so little about Jed. I hope they work out. It could be more of a friend situation. 

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