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16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove #1) Character Follow Along (Spoilers Included)

Olivia Lockhart was the main character this first novel was focused on. Olivia is a judge in family court. She has been divorced from her husband Stan many years ago after her son Jordan drowned and died. Olivia has a tough relationship with her daughter, Justine because she is dating Warren Saget who is much older than Justine and very full of himself. Olivia's youngest son James also gets married to his wife Selina and they had her first grandchild Isabella Delores. Olivia was a prominent figure in this novel. She began to date Jack Griffin, who is the new newspaper writer who wrote a article on Olivia after she denied the divorce of Celicia and Ian Randall. Olivia and Jack have an up and down relationship throughout the novel and there weren't many answers as to where they were going by the end.

Justine Lockhart has been dating an older man Warren Saget for a number of years. Justine has decided that she doesn't want to get married and she does not want a family. She likes that Warren doesnt' pressure her in to those things because he has already has been married three times and his kids are already grown. As the novel moves on Justine renutities with a guy she knew in high school Seth Gunderson, they start a relationship, Warren finds out, Warren proposes, Justine refuses Warren's proposal, She tells Seth she wants to be with him, and by the end of the novel Justine has changed her view on life and is married to Seth Gunderson.

Olivia's friend Grace is married to Dan Sherman. They have been married for a long time and are having a hard time in their marriage. Dan refuses to engage in conversation with Grace preferring to sit in front of the TV. Things seem to be shaping up when their daughter Kelly and her husband Paul Jordan announce they are pregnant. That is when Dan disappears. The first time he comes back, but the next time he is has been impossible to find. Maryellen is Grace's other daughter she is divorced and doesn't want a family. Kelly has the baby towards the end of the novel. They name him Tyler Daniel. Dan is still nowhere to be found by the end.

Charlotte Jefferson is Olivia's mom. She spends her time visiting patience at the hospital where she meets Tom Harding. Tom Harding is a ward of the state who had a stroke several years ago and can't speak. He was recently moved to Cedar Cove at his request when Charlotte meets him. They share a few nice conversation before Tom Harding dies. Tom Harding gave Charlotte the key to his storage unit where she finds out he is really a tv cowboy named Tom Houston. Charlotte commits a criminal acts and steals the tv memorabilia from the unit. She ends up finding out that Tom has a living grandson Cliff Harding and calls him up to see if he wants his grandfather's stuff. Cliff admits to not wanting anything to do with his grandfather that he has never met and his own father only saw his dad three times. Charlotte is persistent and Cliff ends up taking Tom's things home with him. Charlotte was probably my favorite character of this novel.

The final character is Cecilia Randall who is seeking a divorce from her husband Ian Randall after their daughter Alison Marie dies. Olivia Lockhart denies their divorce. Although both are stubborn at first they slowly rekindle their romance through letters and email while Ian is away at sea. He is in the army. Cecilia begins to attend college, she makes friends with two other navy wives Cathy and Carol, and she begins to work through her feelings about Alison's death. By the end of the novel Cecilia has decided that she wants another baby and Ian and her are back together.

That is the story plot line for each character introduced and focused on during 16 Lighthouse Road. I'm going to try to do this for each Cedar Cove book for my own sake and people that have read the book.

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