Monday, February 18, 2013

Reading At Night Challenge Updated.

You may remember I challenged myself at the beginning of February to read a half an hour every night before I go to bed. I have really been enjoying this challenge and I have been reading more and more thanks to it. Reading at night has just become a habit now. I look at the clock and see it is near time to go to bed and get my book out and read. I promised I would updated in the middle of the month, but that didn't really happen so I'm updating now and I will update again at the end of the month.

I'm not going to put what books I was reading because you will see them all again in my February wrap up. I will just put the time reading and how many pages I read.

Feb 1
11:40 to 12:10 pg 139 to pg 150

Feb 2
10:26 to 11:05 pg 204 to pg 219

Feb 3
10:08 to 10:52 pg 251 to pg 270

Feb 4
9:36 to 10:35 pg 290 to pg 309

Feb 5
9:45 to 10:15 pg 139 to pg 156

Feb 6
9:21 to 9:51 pg 144 to pg 154

Feb 7
9:00 to 9:31 pg 66 to pg 86

Feb 8
10:20 to 10:50 pg 159 to pg 165

Feb 9
10:30 to 11:00 pg 61 to pg 72

Feb 10
10:15 to 11:17 pg 150 to pg 184

Feb 11
9:25 to 11:21 pg 189 to pg 239

Feb 12
8:38 to 9:13 pg 0 to pg 18

Feb 13
9:26 to 10:00 pg 74 to pg 88

Feb 14
10:50 to 11:20 pg 166 to pg 176

Feb 15
10:30 to 11:00 pg 193 to pg 209

Feb 16
10:30 to 11:00 pg 235 to pg 243

Feb 17
10:30 to 12:00 pg 296 to pg 334

Cumulative number of pages read: 316 pages
Cumulative time read: 745 minutes 12 hours and 25 minutes

The times done lie. I know that sounds like a lot of time, but the hours add up quickly when you are doing it every day. As you can see some days I just did the bare minimum of 30 minutes other times I was reading for over an hour so it all depends. Of course this is just the pages number I read at night. I still read a lot during the day also. This challenge has helped me to finish more books and read more in February and I have been enjoying myself quite a bit.

Thanks for reading



  1. Congrats! But this is actually the opposite of what I need to do. I tend to procrastinate sleep and can't seen to stop turning the pages :) Sounds like a fun challenge though!

    1. Well I usually have that problem during the summer, but I find that I slack off a bit during the school year so this challenge has been fun.


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