Friday, February 15, 2013

Emily Giffin. How I started reading her novels?

The author I will be talking about today is Emily Giffin. I would say that right now Emily Giffin is my most recommended author. When friends and teachers ask me for book recommendations I'm always asking if they have reading Something Borrowed/Something Blue. Not a single person has not like the books after they read them.

I started reading Emily Giffin in 2011 after seeing the movie trailer for Something Borrowed staring Kate Hudson and Jenifer Goodwin. The movie was already out in theathers, but my sister and I decided we were going to read the books before seeing the movie. We waited for it to come out on DVD while we read the book. I was orginally sceptical if I was going to like Something Borrowed or not because I didn't know if I would be able to get over the fact that Rachel (Jennifer Goodwin) was cheating with Darcy (Kate Hudson) fiance, Dex. The author totally made me want to cheer for Rachel. Then in Something Blue she turns it all around and has you cheering for Darcy. I loved both of them and I reccommend them to everybody because they deserve the praise. I finished those two novels and I was kind of like okay I'm done with Emily Giffin. I don't care about her other novels. Until my sister read them and told me that they were amazing. My sister told me to read them in order because like Sarah Dessen, Emily Giffin creates references to past characters in future novels. Although she doesn't do it as extensively as Sarah Dessen it is still fun to find old characters in brand new novels. Her last one I think has the most past references so I would suggest if you can to read them in order.  I read Baby Proof in August (Probably my least favorite of Emily Giffin's work, but still amazing), Love the One You're With and Heart of the Matter in September, and Emily Giffin's newest novel Where We Belong in December. 

I just simply love Emily Giffin's story. Her characters are stellar and I love the story she creates. The great thing is she doesn't have one bad novel. I can't wait for her to release more.  My favorite has to be her newest one Where We Belong. I loved the story of how Kirby went to meet her long lost birth mother and I fell in love with the story of how a character can grow and change over the course of a novel. I don't think Marian was even the same person as what she started out as. I love all of her books so much and I wish I could just read Emily Giffin books for an entire year. I just love them. So you should go check them out.

I also must say I love Emily Giffin's cover. I'm a sucker for simple covers and her's just fit that profile well. She changes the colors and adds a little design, but overall she has pretty simple covers that I love. 

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  1. Emily Giffin is cool! I loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue!!! I started reading Love the One Your With a while ago but got sidetracked... I'll have to start that one again bc I was liking it!

    1. Where we Belong, her new one, is defiantly my favorite followed by Heart of the Matter, then Love the One you're with, but I love all her books so much. She is just a fabulous author and I can't wait to read more by her. Please read Love the One You're With and come back and tell me your thoughts.


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