Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jodi Picoult. How I got started reading her books?

I started reading Jodi Picoult back in 2009 after I saw the movie My Sister's Keeper. I decided to read the book. I loved it and I never thought about Jodi Picoult books after that. Then I read Sing You Home and I thought it was okay, but I wasn't totally all over Jodi Picoult as an author. Then a person in my class, Katie, recommended that I read The Pact. I was like okay, sure. I loved The Pact and The Pact is the novel that got me to really start reading Jodi Picoult. I read The Pact in November and it took a while for me to get back to Jodi Picoult, but I knew I was hooked. I read Lone Wolf when it came out and I read House Rules during April which is Autism Awareness Month. I'm aware in April by wearing Blue every day in April and just spreading the word through various Facebook posts. I never thought to read a book, but I saw this book and I really wanted to read it so I read House Rules in support of Autism Awareness Month. Over the summer I read Harvesting the Heart and Handle with Care. Both were amazing novels. I just wish Harvesting the Heart (first edition) had a less embarrassing cover so I could actually read the book in public. I read Between the Lines in September. It was an amazing novel and so different from any other book I have read.  This past November I read Nineteen Minutes and it has quickly become one of my favorite Jodi Picoult novels. I just recently finished Picture Perfect which was not my favorite, but great.

Jodi Picoult is an author I feel is pretty well know in the writing industry. I love the well developed characters of the novels. I like that she takes an issue like gay rights, or after life care and puts it into a novel that you actually want to read. I have to say I don't overly read nonfiction so I'm not going to learn much about these issues, but when Jodi Picoult puts them into a book that I can't wait to read I end up learning more than I realize. Jodi Picoult is an author that does her research really well. She has many funny stories on her websites about the places she has traveled to do research. I have fell in love with every book that I have read by Jodi Picoult. I have not read a bad book by her so far and I can't wait to keep going through and reading her novels.

I can't make up my mind about my favorite Jodi Picoult book anymore. I can't decide between Nineteen Minutes and The Pact because they were both wonderful, well written novels.

Her Newest Novel The Storyteller is set to come out February 26th, 2013.

Books I have read by Jodi Picoult:

12 books so far and only more to come.



  1. I really enjoyed Nineteen Minutes, as well. What did you think of Between the Lines? It was not very Jodi-like to me, which is probably because it was her daughter's idea, so I wasn't too impressed. I can't wait for her new book!

    1. I loved Between the Lines. It was so different from any book I ever read and I enjoyed my time reading it.

  2. I haven't read that one... but I'll make sure I check it out.

    1. I love Jodi Picoult. I highly recommend her novels.


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