Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is your reading pace?

Everybody reads at a different speed and even if you read two books with the same number of pages you read them at a different pace. I find that some bloggers can read 15 books a month where other bloggers can only read 4 to 5. Both is totally okay.

I find that if I really enjoy the book I will spend a lot more time reading it and finish it faster. Where if it is a slow book that I don't like as much I will only read a few pages before putting it down. I heard a person say the other day that they liked audiobooks because they knew it was going to take them this amount of hours to finish the book. I will talk about my experience with audiobooks in another post.

On Average a long book 500 to 600 pages will take me anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. A medium book 300 to 400 pages will take me to 5 to 7 days depending on how much time I have. A short book will usually take me two days.

I also have noticed that if I have school off I have a lot more time to read so I will finish more books over that period of time. My English teacher thinks I'm a speed reader because I tell her about the many books I read, but if I was to catergorize myself I would say that I'm average. I'm not a slow reader by any means, but I'm not incredibly fast either.

I think at whatever rate you finished the book is the rate you finished the book. To me it doesn't matter how long it took to read a book. What matters to me is the story and how much I enjoyed the book. Of course for some books such as books to movies I do set a timeline for myself when I need to finish the book so I will have it finished at least a few days before I see the movie.

What do you think? Do you set a timeline for how fast you finish books? What is your reading pace? Does it matter to you if you don't finish the book in a pacific amount of time?

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  1. I usually consider myself a slow reader, but truthfully I'm probably average. My sense of timing is thrown off because my husband and best friend are super fast readers so I always feel slow by comparison!

    1. My point through this post is that we should feel like no less of a reader if we don't finish a book as fast as another person.


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