Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 Book of the Year Bracket Challenge: Bracket Revealed

BOTY Bracket Challenge is hosted by Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie.
January 20th : Initial eliminations. All rounds of eliminations needed to get the number of contestants reduced to 32. 
January 21st Elimination to find the Sweet Sixteen.
January 22nd : Reducing challengers to eight books - the Elite Eight.
January 23rd Quarterfinals. Determine your Final Four.
January 24th : Semi-Finals. Only two may enter the final arena.
         January 25th : Finals...the Champion will be determined. Announce your Book of the Year!
 I read 38 books this year, so this is my starting bracket. I eliminated a few books to make the 32 bracket work. I will be skipping the 7th's post since this is my final 32.

Let Me Know: Did you read any of these books in 2015?

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