Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#ShelfLove 2016 January Post: My TBR Pile 2016

Here's all the books that I have at my house that I have not read. I see so many lovely books on this pile that I do hope to get to this year. 

Then these are my ones I have at school. I have managed to read Wonder since I took this picture. Last year I only had 30 books to read off my TBR and this year my number is 57. This still isn't that high, but I bought these books with the hope of reading them and I hope I do get the opportunity to read many of them this year. 

I do not plan to go on an all out book buying ban nor do I plan to start a budget. Neither of these work for me. I just plan to buy books if I know that I want to read them. 

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