Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Book of the Year: Winner Announced

BOTY Bracket Challenge is hosted by Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie
January 20th : Initial eliminations. All rounds of eliminations needed to get the number of contestants reduced to 32. 
January 21st Elimination to find the Sweet Sixteen.
January 22nd : Reducing challengers to eight books - the Elite Eight.
January 23rd Quarterfinals. Determine your Final Four.
January 24th : Semi-Finals. Only two may enter the final arena.
         January 25th : Finals...the Champion will be determined. Announce your Book of the Year!

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han is my winner for 2015. I loved this book. I related to the older sister Margo as she left for college and the middle sister Lara Jean as she has a bad sense of direction. I enjoyed the family relationships in this book as well as Lara Jean's relationship with both Josh and Peter. The Love Triangle in this book wasn't annoying like it is in some. I still have not read the 2nd novel, but it will be one of my top priority books for 2016. My review can be found here.

I'm interested to see which books won for everybody else. This is such a fun challenge. I would recommend any book from the final 16 down, but when you are look for the really good books look at the final 8.


  1. It was fun to watch :) I haven't read the book but I love seeing what everyone is reading (and loving)

  2. I was really rooting for Amy & Roger. It was one of my past winners. Just makes me know that I really need to read Jenny Han now. Glad you played along!! I always like stealing good books from other people's brackets. :)


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