Friday, January 29, 2016

Life update January 2016

To you guys it might seem like I have been very present lately, but to me it feels like forever. You see all the posts you guys have got over the last two weeks I wrote in December. I wanted to get a lot of posts wrote over break, so I could continue to post once I started my crazy semester at school. This post is going to be a quick life update. I will have my January Wrap Up and February TBR up sometime in early February.

So here goes the craziness I call my life. I'm taking 21 credits this semester. Take a deep breathe and think about this. In all truth I sit in class 16 hours a week. One class doesn't start until the 2nd 8 weeks and my 3 credit early childhood practicum only meets occasionally. The main idea of that course is to get our hours in at our preschool or kindergarten setting. I already completed many hours for this over Christmas break, but I'm looking for a placement here at college, so I can complete the assignments. I only need about 30 hours here to complete this, but I'm open to more.

Otherwise the rest of my classes don't seem too bad. I'm just trying to stay ahead with the work because when I fall behind that is when it gets overwhelming. I miss my mostly free Fridays I had last semester because that would work so well with my Early Childhood placement.

Since this is my last semester that I will be living on campus I'm trying to make time for my friends as much as possible. I wish it has hit them as hard as it has hit me. Everything is going to change after we leave this May. Our friendships are going to become a lot more difficult to maintain as distance and time will become our enemy. I know that and realize that. I realize that we are all going to end up far apart when we graduate and as much as I would love to continue to see them all the time our friendships will eventually become where we only see each other a couple times a year.

As I look towards my college graduation I look at all the lasts so much different. I just had my last month long Christmas break. I just had my last first day of college classes. I am going to have my last spring break. As a teacher I'm still going to get summer vacation and Christmas break, but they are a different type of break than the college ones. Although I'm excited about my future I'm not quite ready to leave college life behind. I have loved college. It has been a great experience. It is just really starting to hit me that the real world is close.

Life is every changing for me right now. I have a year and a half left and then I will be teaching in my own classroom. Its crazy to believe that this dream I have had ever since I was a little girl is finally coming true. For now I'm reminding myself to make time for myself, do things I enjoy, and not stress out about the present or the future.

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