Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book and movie review:I want to tell you something I bet you didn't know.

That's right this post is going to be about the academy award winning movie The Blind Side staring Sandra Bullock and Tim Mcgraw. I absolutely love The Blind Side there is so much to learn from this movie as a whole. There is just great family values and the whole issue of reaching out and helping others which I feel is something we all can do better at. The Tuohy family lived a charmed life and there was no reason they needed to help Michael Oher a homeless boy who had a drug addict mother and basically was down on his luck. Leeann Tuohy brought Michael into her home and she helped him with school and college. The Tuohy family lead Michael to many successes in life. 

Now here is the part I bet you didn't know The Blind Side is actually based off well Michael Oher's life, but also a best selling novel about Michael Oher. Here is my story behind this book and yes I have read it. I took my friend with me to see The Blind Side with my family and I. She loved the movie so much that she went and bought the book. She was busy reading another book at the time so I asked her if I could borrow the book and read it before she did. My friend said yes and I read the book when I was in 8th grade. Here's the thing the movie had a good balance between football and Michael's life. I prefer to watch football than read about football. The book spent a lot of time going over football history and just talking a lot about football. I didn't enjoy those segments. When it came to talking about Michael's life I liked those segments, but they always seemed to be rather short. The book took me a long time to read and I didn't overly enjoy the book, but I think I'm not the right person for this book. I think a person who enjoys reading about football would love this book. I told my friend my opinion on the book and she actually never read the book. My mom read the book and she skipped over all the football parts so she really enjoyed the book. There is a saying that says nobody ever reads the same book and that is why books are so amazing because you can never interpert the book the same way as another person does. That is one of many reasons I love reading. 

I will be doing another blog post in a couple of days on Little House Caroline Series book I'm currently reading and some interesting facts I have found about this book in general and Laura's life. Look out for that. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon


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