Saturday, January 26, 2013

So how many books do I really need to read in 2013

So as you have probably noticed I have signed up for every reading challenge under the sun. Yes this is my first year participating in reading challenges, but it definetly won't be my last. I'm totally a reading challenge addict now. I saw a post like this on Book Dragon's lair's blog for 2012 so I thought I would see how many books I actually need to read in 2013.

Thank goodness every challenge I have entered will allow me to crossover books so far I have entered 14 challenges and I know I will enter more mini challenges throughout the year.

A-Z challenge: 26 books
Library Challenge: 36 books
Book to Movie Challenge: 12 books
Nicholas Sparks Challenge: 4 books
Outdo Yourself Challenge: 50 books
Year Long Memoir Challenge: 4 books
Chunkster Challenge: 6 books
Seriously Series Challenge: 32 books
Jodi Picoult Challenge: 5 books
Quick Fix Challenge: 10 books
Pick an author Challenge: 9 books
Fairy Tales Challenge: 2 books
Book Bingo: minimum of 5 books
In the Middle Challenge: 15 books
Books in a series: 16 books
Monthly Keywords: 12 books
New Authors: 15 books
First Reads: 15 books
Nonfiction reading challenge: 4 books
Telling Tales: 2 books

The total comes out to 280 books since my plan is to read 50 book in 2013 there is no way I could complete all these challenges without crossovers.

How many books do you actually need to read in 2013?

Thanks for reading


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