Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stephanie Meyer. How I got started reading her books?

There is a unique story as to why I read Stephanie Meyer's books. Eighth grade year my friend  said "Hey Let's go to this movie. It sounds good." I said "Sure." I knew nothing about the movie all I knew is that I would be going to a movie with my friends. I saw twilight and I loved the movie. My friend not so much, but that was just one casualty. I was hooked. I picked up and read Twilight and New Moon during 8th grade. Then I read Eclipse over the summer and Breaking Dawn at the beginning of my freshman year. 

In my opinion New Moon was my least favorite novel and movie. It took me three 14 day loans from the library to finish New Moon and I just didn't enjoy it at all. It had long stretches of just nothing going on, but I had to read it so I could read Eclipse. My two favorite books of the series are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I just remember flying through Eclipse. Rosalie has always been my favorite character and I liked how she was in Eclipse more. I read Breaking Dawn in 14 days which for me is amazing. For others maybe not, but for me that is really fast. Anyhow I loved Breaking Dawn, the wedding, the baby, and the ending. I loved every aspect of that novel. 

The Twilight series was an amazing part of my middle school experience and those books and movies have been a part of my life. I am a huge twilight fan and I'm glad my friend made me go to the movie because otherwise I may not have gave these books or movies the time of day. 

Books Read:

As I said above my favorite is Breaking Dawn and Breaking Dawn Part 2 is my favorite movie. I had to fight my mom to let me go to the 10 o'clock showing of Breaking Dawn, but I made it there.

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