Friday, January 25, 2013

Jodi Picoult Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Jodi Picoult reading challenge. My name is Rachael and I'm relitevely new to the blogging community. I have searched far and wide for a Jodi Picoult reading challenge and so far I haven't found one. I decided to make one. 

I love Jodi Picoult and her books. I will be doing a blog post on her in the next few weeks so this challenge is to introduce people to Jodi Picoult’s novels and read more of her books.

Reading Challenge Details:

  • The Challenge will run from January 1st, 2013 to December 31st 2013
  • All Jodi Picoult books started and finished after January 1st count
  • The goal is to read or reread as many Jodi Picoult books as possible. The Levels will be below you can choose which level you would like to be in.
  • Book can be in any format (bound, ebook, audiobook)
  • You can list your books in advance or list them as you go. It is not required that you review the books you read for this challenge, but if you do great.
  • Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are allowed and encouraged.
  • Post this reading challenge on your blog to track your progress. Please include a link back to this sign-up post so others can join the reading challenge too. You do not have to be a book blogger to participate; you can track your progress on Goodreads or LibraryThing.

  • Fresh out of college Lawyer: 1 to 4 novels
  • Ruling this courtroom: 5 to 8 novels
  • Being a Lawyer is my thing: 9 to 12 novels

(Sorry for the cheesy names, but she has a lot of courtroom scenes)

Jodi Picoult Books
  1. Songs of a Humpback Whale
  2. Harvesting the Heart
  3. Picture Perfect
  4. Mercy
  5. Plain Truth
  6. Salem Falls
  7. Perfect Match
  8. Second Glance
  9. My Sister’s Keeper
  10. Vanishing Acts
  11. The Tenth Circle
  12. Nineteen Minutes
  13. Change of Heart
  14. Handle with Care
  15. House Rules
  16. Sing You Home
  17. Lone Wolf
  18. Between the Lines
  19. The Storyteller (February 2013)
I will put the link you thing here. You can link to your blog post signing up. Put which level you are joining in at down in the comments. Thank you for everybody who joins. 



  1. Hi Rachel,

    Great idea (Cedar Cove), I'll set it up!

    I've got a couple of Jodi's books on my tbr pile, this would be a good time to get them read.

    1. I would love if you would set it up. I'm reading the books this year so it would be great to do it with a group of people. I would also love if you join my challenge. I mean you really only have to read one book to win.

  2. I love this! Unfortunately, I've already read every single one of Jodi's books, so I won't be participating. She is my absolute favorite author, and I can't wait for The Storyteller to come out! Good luck hosting this challenge. :)

    1. Thank you for the comment. I love her and only have a handful of books left. I'm currently reading Picture Perfect which isn't my favorite.


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