Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sarah Dessen how I got started reading her novels.

Its Thursday which means it is time for another author post. This will be my first author post about an author I'm still currently reading. I could, but I don't think I will be reading anymore books by Janette Oke and the next time I read books by Laura Ingalls Wilder will be to my own children. Let's begin.
The author I will be talking about today is Sarah Dessen. I started reading Sarah Dessen in 8th grade. My 8th grade reading teacher offered Someone Like You as a lit circle book. I read some other book, but I was interested in her book so I borrowed it from my teacher and read the book. Then I talked my sister into reading Someone Like You. She loved it too. We were hooked.

I quickly started reading all of Sarah Dessen's books until there came a time when I only had three books left and I stopped because I wanted to save them. At least that was my excuse the real reason was because I found other authors to read. I love Sarah Dessen's books with a passion.

The thing I really like about Sarah Dessen is the fact that she mentions other books characters in her other books. I found a great blog post that shows some of her connections. You can find the link here. I also like how easy Sarah Dessen makes it for you to relate to her characters. Sarah Dessen's characters are normal teenagers experiencing normal problems. Many people want weird, out there, supernatural characters, but I have always been drawn to the characters that are just normal. 

Books I have read by Sarah Dessen:                 


I have read 10 books total. I'm officially done with all her published novels besides her newest novel The Moon and More. My favorite novel is so hard to choose with Sarah Dessen because I loved every single one I have read besides Keeping the Moon. Just Listen quickly became one of my favorites, but I also really enjoyed the rest of her novels. 

Exciting News
Sarah Dessen has a new book coming out on June 4 2013.
I will be reading this sometime in 2013 and there will be a review up.

That is pretty much it for me. Sarah Dessen is an amazing author and I would recommend her books to teenager girls. They are just amazing. 

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  1. The only Sarah Dessen book that I've read is Keeping the Moon, which was wholly unspectacular (an opinion I see you agree with). I do have Someone Like You and Along for the Ride on my shelves though, and intend to read them, probably in the summer.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I read Keeping the moon during my sophomore year and it was such a hard Sarah Dessen book to complete. I think you really would like Sarah Dessen. I would maybe suggest starting with Someone Like You. That was my first Sarah Dessen novel and it totally hooked me. There will be a review up for all the books I haven't read of hers later this year when I get around to reading them. Thank you for commenting it means a lot of me. I'm enjoying going through your blog posts.


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