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Jannette Oke How I began reading her books.

First off I'm going to say that my plan was to have authors posts out every Thursday until I ran out of authors, but I didn't have time on Thursday and I got sick on Friday. It has been an interesting week.

The author I will be discussing today is Janette Oke author of The Love Comes Softly series. I believe I was in seventh grade when I first saw Love Comes Softly come on the hallmark channel. After I saw the movie and my mom told me it was a book I just had to pick it up. I spent most of my seventh and eighth grade year reading the twelve novels of her Love Comes Softly series. After I finished the Loves Comes Softly series I started The Canadian West series.

 I fell in love with Marty, Clark, and their family while reading The Love Comes Softly Series. I loved those novels so much that the summer before my freshman year in high school I decided to read all of them all over again. I have to say there is something special about reading a series over again because you fall in love with the characters all over again. The movies are done coming out on the hallmark channel now and they did change quite a bit, but I think they changed it in an okay to me way. I wasn't upset about the changes as I am so often when it comes to movies. They also did movies on the hallmark channel that don't have books to go with them. They did three movies; Love Begins, Love's Everlasting Courage, and Love's Christmas Journey as prequels to The Love Comes Softly series. I loved every one of them and got them for Christmas this year. I own most of the movies on DVD now except I'm missing a few.

When I think of The Loves Comes Softly series I think of an author who brought me great joy as I read these novels. Marty and Clark are the true definition of how love should be. Clark showed that even after losing somebody it is possible to fall in love again. My favorite quote from the book "Sometimes love isn't fireworks, sometime love just comes softly." I don't want to give away too much, but it took Marty a long time to realize that she had to move on after her husband Clem's death (Aaron in the movie) and it took Clark be patient and trusting in God to truly earn Marty's love.

It has been a number of years now since I have read any of Janette Oke's books. She is still writing and she is 77 years old now. The series that she is working on right now is called The Acts of Faith Series. I tried to read to it, but wasn't interested. She is writing it with Davis Bunn and I wonder if I just don't like his writing. Janette Oke is a great author and I will never forget the Love Come Softly series and the Canadian West series because they both brought me great joy.

Love Come Softly Series

My favorite book would have to be Love's Abiding Joy, but my favorite movie is Love Takes Wing. They changed the whole story line for the Love Takes Wing Movie, but I love it. 

A Prairie Legacy (A continuation of the Love Comes Softly Series)

A Prairie Legacy series is about Belinda's daughter Virginia (Belinda is Marty and Clark's final child). Like Gold refined was my favorite novel. It was bittersweet for the series to be over, but the last book gave you a sense of peace. 

Canadian West Series

Beyond the Gathering Storm was my favorite novel in the Canadian West series. 

There you have it all the books I have read by Janette Oke  Thank you for reading and check back soon for more blog posts.



  1. I am looking for 'Beyond the Gathering Storm'/'When Tomorrow Comes' in a Keepsake Series 2 in 1 can I find it?

    1. I'm not sure how to find the Keepsake books, but you can find the books on amazon yet.


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