Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nicholas Sparks. How I began reading his novels?

This week the author I'm talking about is Nicholas Sparks. What can I say about an author that writes book that there aren't even words to describe? Nicholas Sparks is my go to author when I'm looking for a book I know I'm going to love. 

I started reading Nicholas Sparks in 2010 after seeing and crying over The Last Song. I absolutely loved the movie and I couldn't wait to read the novel. I read and loved The Last Song. Then I saw that Dear John was coming out as a movie also so I read Dear John and loved the book also. From then on I didn't care if there was a movie to go along with the book I was reading this guys novels. 

Nicholas Sparks is an author that it is hard not to hear about how amazing he is. Nicholas Sparks deserves all the hype that his books are surrounded by. I love the romance, the action, the adventure, and the mystery his books bring. There has not been one book by Nicholas Sparks that I haven't fell in love with the characters or the story. I dive into his books and his books have a way of making me feel every emotion from love, to confusion, to sadness. I like a book that doesn't only make me happy. It makes me think about the characters motivation behind doing what they do. 

What can I say I have fell head over heels in love with Nicholas Sparks and he is an author I enjoy, love, and cherish reading his novels. 

Nicholas Sparks is the author of 18 novels of which 8 have been made into movies. I plan to read Three Weeks with My Brother in February so that will be added to the list soon and there will be a review up. 

Books I have Read:

So far I have read 11 novels and I'm excited to read his newest novel. 

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