Thursday, January 3, 2013

Laura Ingalls Wilder How I began reading her books.

I will be doing weekly blogs about my favorite authors and how I began reading their novels. I'm going to go in chronological order. Some authors I have just started recently others I found them when I was young. Be sure to comment your feelings on the topic author and check back each week for a new post I hope you enjoy ~Rachael

Laura Ingalls Wilder is the first author I will be talking about. Laura is a person that I don't think anybody has never heard of. Many people have read some of her Little House on the Prairie books at some point in time. For me the moment I really discovered Laura and wanted to read her books was when my third grade teacher read The Little House in the Big Woods to us in class. For me I was suddenly fascinated with Laura's life. I read The Little House in the Big Woods by myself at some point between fourth and fifth grade. I actually reread The Little House in the Big Woods when I was in sixth grade and I didn't know I was rereading the book until I went to take the Accelerated Reader (AR) test on the book. Then I was like oh I have read this book before. After I read The Little House in the Big Woods for the second time I picked up the rest of Laura's books and read them. Then I found out through the back of the book that there was books written about her great grandmother Martha, her grandmother Charlotte, her mother Caroline, and her daughter Rose. These are all written by different authors and they are probably mostly fiction, but I enjoy them.   Around 8th grade year I read The Rose Series and The Martha Series. I read the Charlotte Series during my freshman year. Here I am a senior in high school still working on the Caroline Series. My goal is to finish all of the Caroline Series before I graduate in May. I remember a rather emotional part in one of the Rose series books, I believe it is the last one where Pa dies and I finished the book when I was in study hall and I just sat there and I wanted to cry because I felt so attached to Pa like I knew him so well. I would say if you were to decide to just to read one of the other series besides Laura's that Martha's series was defiantly my favorite. Martha grew up in Scotland and I just felt  I learned a lot about Scotland in her books. I remember going to my brother's swimming lessons when I was reading the first book and just telling my mom everything that happened because I loved it so much. Out of all of Laura's books I think On the Banks of Plum Creek is my favorite. I also really enjoyed The Long Winter. I'm from South Dakota and I know Laura traveled all over the country, but ma and pa spent the longest time here in South Dakota. The Ingalls family is a big part of South Dakota's history. I have been to DeSmet, SD which is about an hour from where I live, and I have been  to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. I have yet to go to Mansfield, Missouri where Laura Ingalls Wilder spent most of her adult life, but that is a dream of mine that I hope to accomplish very soon. When I think of Laura Ingalls Wilder I think of fond memories of my childhood and all these books are books I can't wait to read to my children one day. I believe Laura is one of those authors that will always be read. No matter how many generations pasted I think we will all still be curious about the Pioneer lifestyle and if we aren't there is always something to learn about family values.
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