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311 Pelican Court (Cedar Cove #3) Character Follow Along (Spoilers Included)

Rosie and Zach Cox were the main focal point of 311 Pelican Court. Olivia Lockhart gave them an odd custody agreement where the kids were awarded the house and the parents were forced to shuffle back in forth. At the beginning of the book both Zach and Rosie expressed a lot of bitterness towards each other and avoided each other at all costs. Later in the book their teenage daughter, Alison began to be super deviant and they teamed up to put her in her place. They gradually relized that they got along better divorced than they did married. Eddie and Alison began to push Zach and Rosie to get back together. Slowly, but surely they agreed and began going out on regular dates. By the end of the novel their engagement was announced.

Alison's deviant acts brought her to be a big part of the novel and it got Celia Randall back in the story. She got a job as Zach's assistant at his accounting firm. Zach  made a deal with Alison that he could come work at his accounting firm and he made her Celia's assistant. This brought out great changes in Alison as she had somebody to talk to. She learned that Celia's baby's name was Alison and that her baby had died as a baby. Celia's parents had also got divorced and Alison's was able to confide her anger towards her parents in Celia. 

Grace Sherman began this novel still having a difficult time after the loss of her husband Dan. She asked her boyfriend Cliff Harding to give her a break to grieve the loss of her husband. It was during that period that Olivia's brother Will contacted her and they began to chat online daily. Grace began to question her feelings for Cliff and she even believed she may be in love with Will. The problem is that William Lockhart was married and although he said that he was getting a divorce, Grace later found out that wasn't true. She was able to end the contact before anything bad happened. Cliff figured out that she was with another man and he ended his first marriage because his wife was cheating. We don't know where the future of their relationship lies. Cliff was willing to begin to form a relationship with Grace again because he was worried about her continuing to cheat on him. As a personal fan of Grace I think she would be loyal to him.

Mary Ellen, Grace's daughter begins the novel by going into labor and having her daughter Katie. She couldn't get a hold of anybody when she went into labor and ended up calling John. John stayed with her at the hospital and was there when Katie was born. Mary Ellen had a hard time handing Katie over to John when her took her for visitation, but eventually Mary Ellen got used to the exchange. Mary Ellen soon developed feelings for John and she threw herself at him many times. John was quick to shoot her down and Mary Ellen just couldn't put her finger on the reason why. She began to believe that he was involved with another woman, but it wasn't until the end of the book that we found out the reason why. John had a prison record and he believed that if he spilled the beans, Mary Ellen would fight for sole custody of their daughter Katie. Mary Ellen loved John and desperately wanted to know the details of his arrest. His brother was selling marijuana and when the police caught him, his brother and his father were quick to sell John out. John's brother was able to get off the hook while John served 7 years in prison. Mary Ellen and John were engaged by the end of the novel.

Olivia Lockhart had a huge change in this novel. Her ex-husband Stan continued to ask for her back while she continued her relationship with Jack Griffin. Olivia learned that she would never be with Stan again and Jack and Olivia eventually regained their relationship. Jack Griffin eventually asked Olivia to marry him and they got married at the end of the novel. 

Justine Lockhart did not have a big part of this novel, but she did announce her second pregnancy.

Bob and Peggy Beldon the owner's of the bed and breakfast had a big part in this novel as Roy McAfee tried to discover the identity of the mysterious man who died at their bed and breakfast. Bob Beldon reveals secrets about his tour in Vietnam. It turns out this strange feeling that Bob knew the man who died is correct. He turns out to be Max Russell which was another person that was in Vietnam with Bob and committed the horrendous act that changed their lives forever. His story isn't over. Roy McAfee and Troy Davis have found out that Max Russell was murdered and his murdered might somehow link back to Bob Beldon. I will have to read the next novel 44 Cranberry Point to find out. 

Thanks for reading. I will get to the next book in the series very soon.


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