Monday, April 8, 2013

My Love of Libraries

The Pictures you see above are pictures of my library a place that is very special to me. 

I love my library  for many reasons, but the biggest reason has to be the fact that the books are free. I can return the books when I'm done with them and somebody else will get to read that book. It won't just be sitting around collecting dust. I rarely reread books so books that I own I feel really bad because they only get read by me and maybe my sister. Then they just sit there. That is why I own so few books. I love to read and the library has always been my outlet for getting books. I believe without the library I would not read as much as I do. 

It makes me sad to go on Youtube and watch booktube videos and have they talk about the library like it is the plague saying things like I never go to the library I always buy my books. Sure it is great to actually own a book, but what a sad life that book has just sitting on your shelf maybe never being read or only being read once of twice. I guess I have just never seen the point of owning a million books and that is why I support my local library. It is so rare that I'm not reading a library book. Usually if I'm reading a book that isn't from the library it is borrowed from a friend. 

Some things I love about the Library:
  • The Books get read over and over again. They will never sit there and just collect dust. 
  • The Librarians. My school library has amazing librarians. I love just going in there and chatting with them about books and about life. They all have amazing personalities and are so helpful and knowledgeable. Although Librarians like us can not read all the books if I need a recommendation they are always giving me books I haven't heard of, but end up loving. They are quick to help me try to find a book if I am having trouble.
  • Getting Books from other libraries. I have to admit my library I'm at the most doesn't have the greatest selection of books, but my library is not a separate library on its own. We are part of a 13 branch library system, so if my library doesn't have the book I'm looking for I can always go online and place a hold on the book. I usually get them really quickly unless it is a new release and I'm late to the ball game. I usually keep a sharp eye on new releases and get my hands on them pretty quick. 
  • The Deadlines. I know you are thinking I'm crazy here, but it is true I love the deadlines because without them the book would sit at my house and never get read. I have owned Eat, Pray, Love since the movie came out and never read the book. I have three weeks to read the book and then I can return for another person to read and I love that fact. I still don't feel pressured to get the book done because I know I can always renew it up to three times. 
  • If you don't like the book just return. There is no way anybody is going to know that you didn't read the book. You won't have to watch it sit on your shelf and haunt you. 
Some things that bother me about the Library:
  • People who mistreat books. I have seen everything being done to these lovely books and I really wish people would handle each book with tender love and care as I do. I don't appreciate having stains on my books such as my copy I got of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green had a huge stain on page 22. I don't appreciate the cracked spines or torn pages. I really wish people would be careful when handling library books. 

My Library has become my favorite place to be while I'm in school. I often sneak down there during the day to talk with the librarians and browse the shelves although I have enough resistance to not check anything out I often remember good titles to check out at a later date. When I have free time during my day you will find me in the library talking with a friend, doing homework, or reading. I find the library relaxing and exciting. There isn't a place I feel more comfortable at school than the library. 

I'm sad to leave my local library and move on to the one that is close to my university next year. Although I know I will be back during the summer and Christmas break it is still hard to know that I won't constantly be in the library. If this post could teach you anything it would be to go to the library, fall in love with your library, and learn that you don't have to buy every book to enjoy them.

Let's Talk. Do you use your library? What are some reasons you love the library? 

Thanks for reading



  1. I wish I had a library like yours! My library is tiny and has almost no selection, especially of new releases, so I go maybe every other month. And even then it's to pick up hold from other libraries or classics for school. Libraries are an amazing resource, and I'm so glad you have a good one at your disposal!

    1. Majority of the books I read come from the library because I can't afford to buy books. I think I will forever support libraries. I'm sorry you don't have a very good library.

  2. I love libraries for a lot of the same reasons you have mentioned. I'll admit though, if I read a really great book from the library, there is a very good chance I will still buy a copy to add to my collection -- only the best of the best though! My library is also part of a larger library system which widens my options -- I particularly love using the online requesting system -- it feels kind of like online shopping, only I use my libaray card instead of my credit card!

    1. That is a funny way to put it. I use the online account so often I have my library card number memorized.

    2. Haha, so do I! In fact, my husband was just making fun of me for having my library card # memorized the other day...


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